Policies and procedures

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LATENESS POLICY.  If you’re paying by the hour, the clock starts running at your scheduled time, or the actual start time, whichever is earlier.
NO-SHOW and LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATION POLICY. We ask you to please let us know at least 36 hours in advance if you can’t make a session.  If you don’t show up for your scheduled session or cancel less than 36 hours ahead of time, we will likely not be able to fill your slot and reserve the right to charge your account for the first 3 hours.
MINIMUM SESSION DURATION.  Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, all recording sessions shall be booked for a minimum of 3 hours.  If you choose to end a session early, you will still be charged for the remainder of the time.  We will of course make exceptions for emergencies.
LATE or NON-PAYMENT POLICY.  We keep our rates low and work efficiently to make your project affordable.  Unless otherwise agreed, clients will be invoiced and are expected to pay all charges at the end of each session.  Fixed-price projects and first sessions require a 50% deposit and the balance will be invoiced on an agreed-upon schedule thereafter.
Failure to pay according to the agreed-upon payment terms will result in a late fee representing1.5% of the outstanding balance each month payment is overdue.  We also reserve the right to cease all sessions until you are paid up.  Returned check fees will be charged back to your account.  We accept cash or check - in the event you need to pay with a credit card, you can use PayPal, plus any transaction fees they charge.  Innovation Station Music has a no refund policy.
PRACTICE LEARNING YOUR SONGS.  Practice your songs at home so that you’re ready to record when you get into the studio.  If you’re paying by the hour, it’ll save you money.  
NO SHARING OF UNFINISHED TRACKS.  If you need rough copies of your recordings during the production process in order to rehearse parts or validate something in the mix, that’s no problem, as long as your account is current.  We just ask that you do not send the unfinished tracks to anyone, except members of your band or management team.
NO SMOKING IN THE STUDIO.  You’re welcome to smoke right outside the studio, on the “veranda”.
RUSH ORDERS.  Mixing work is done on a “first in, first out” basis.  You will be provided with an estimated completion date once all recording is done.  However, should an unexpected opportunity or emergency arise requiring your mix to “jump ahead in line”, a rush fee of $100 will apply.
NO UNANNOUNCED GUESTS.  Please contact us for approval ahead of time if you would like to have others who are not part of the recording process be present at your sessions.  They are usually more of distraction than a muse.
CELL PHONES OFF.  Everyone, including staff, should have their cell phones turned off (not just on vibrate) while in a studio session.  Not only are they a distraction, they create interference that can impact your recordings!  There will be ample breaks for you to call your sweetie or check on your falling stock prices...
BRING YOUR A-GAME.  Come ready to give your best - that means a sufficient amount of voice rest and warm-ups (breathing and vocal exercises) for singers, strings that are 2-5 days old for guitarists.  While our production process is very relaxed, it is also important to remain focused on the task at hand.  Also, remember to bring any key items you might need - instruments, amps, pedals.  Finally, bring or email ahead of time an electronic version of your lyrics and a rough recording if available.
FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK A SESSION, CLICK HERE!mailto:dave@innovationstationmusic.com?subject=I'd%20like%20more%20info%20on%20Innovation%20Station%20Music!mailto:dave@innovationstationmusic.com?subject=I'd%20like%20more%20info%20on%20Innovation%20Station%20Music!shapeimage_3_link_0

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