Howard Rabach, Musician, Producer/Engineer

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Howard Rabach, Musician, Producer/Engineer - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

I don’t think a week goes by where Dave Mallen’s name doesn’t come up in some conversation about the local music scene, top producers, talented people, etc.

Dave was the first person I met who not only understands this life in music that many of us share; he has true business acumen, intuition, and the experience chops that perhaps only a minor handful understand. His thought process is clear and logical; he speaks to you in terms that translate across the board; he is patient, yet focused and determined to get the best out of anyone with whom he works.

Initially, I was hesitant to work with Dave as I wasn’t even sure of my own professional direction. However, I was soon put to ease. Dave was able to balance the objectivity of creating a successful business plan, all the while balancing the importance of personal relationships within that plan. I showed the plan to my father-in-law, a retired successful business owner in his own right. He was downright impressed (and he’s a tough guy to impress!). To sum it up, Dave Mallen is a consummate professional, a talented musician, and a hard-working producer who can help any music professional rise to his/her artistic potential. I am privileged to know him, and thrilled to be partnered with him in my professional journey forward.