Rachel Levitin, Singer-Songwriter

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Rachel Levitin, Singer-Songwriter - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

"Dave Mallen's ability to earn an artist’s trust, plus his attention to creating a genuine working relationship with his clients is what makes him a pleasure to make music with. In our time spent getting to know each other and working together on a project near and dear to my heart, I not only gained a producer and co-writer to collaborate with, but a mentor and friend as well.

Dave devotes all the creative energy he can muster when choosing to work on a project in an effort to help bring out the best in his clients. His main mission is to understand his clients’ goals and, in turn, assist them with churning out the best possible end product they can. His encouraging words, patient demeanor, and passionate work ethic make him an ideal collaborator for anyone looking to put all their heart and soul into making music."