• Testimonials

    Mike P. Ryan - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

    "Innovation Station Music is hands-down the best recording studio in the Mid-Atlantic region. Dave Mallen has put his heart and soul into creating a wonderful, state-of-the-art facility that offers cutting edge technology without losing the warm, inviting feel of playing music with friends. As a Producer, Dave is 100% committed to bringing the very best out of every artist. He works tirelessly to record, mix, and master every track to the absolute highest standard. In fact, several of my songs that Dave produced and recorded have won national and international awards. If you're serious about making the very best music you can, Innovation Station Music is the one and only choice in this area."

    Mike P. Ryan
  • Testimonials

    Dan Fisk, Singer-Songwriter - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

    "Recording at Innovation Station Music produced the album that I had only previously dreamed was possible. I can't imagine a more helpful, talented, and dedicated producer/engineer than Dave Mallen. Dave's talents behind the console were only matched by his abilities playing several instruments on my album. I couldn't have asked for anything more from a studio. I wouldn't only recommend Innovation Station to other musicians, I would think they were fools for using anybody else!"

    Dan Fisk, Singer-Songwriter
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    Grey Jacks, The Grey A - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

    "Finding Innovation Station Music at the end of a very long record making process was a great relief. As an artist putting out their first album I was badly in need of guidance down the path to my release date and beyond. Hiring Dave to craft a personal Strategic Business Plan resulted in me being armed with more tools that I could have ever hoped for. Both locally and nationally, Innovation Station is connected, and knows what they are doing. An invaluable tool for any artist who is serious about the business side of their project."

    Grey Jacks, The Grey A
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    Howard Rabach, Musician, Producer/Engineer - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

    I don’t think a week goes by where Dave Mallen’s name doesn’t come up in some conversation about the local music scene, top producers, talented people, etc.

    Dave was the first person I met who not only understands this life in music that many of us share; he has true business acumen, intuition, and the experience chops that perhaps only a minor handful understand. His thought process is clear and logical; he speaks to you in terms that translate across the board; he is patient, yet focused and determined to get the best out of anyone with whom he works.

    Initially, I was hesitant to work with Dave as I wasn’t even sure of my own professional direction. However, I was soon put to ease. Dave was able to balance the objectivity of creating a successful business plan, all the while balancing the importance of personal relationships within that plan. I showed the plan to my father-in-law, a retired successful business owner in his own right. He was downright impressed (and he’s a tough guy to impress!). To sum it up, Dave Mallen is a consummate professional, a talented musician, and a hard-working producer who can help any music professional rise to his/her artistic potential. I am privileged to know him, and thrilled to be partnered with him in my professional journey forward.

    Howard Rabach, Musician, Producer/Engineer
  • Testimonials

    Rachel Levitin, Singer-Songwriter - Innovation Station Music Happy Client

    "Dave Mallen's ability to earn an artist’s trust, plus his attention to creating a genuine working relationship with his clients is what makes him a pleasure to make music with. In our time spent getting to know each other and working together on a project near and dear to my heart, I not only gained a producer and co-writer to collaborate with, but a mentor and friend as well.

    Dave devotes all the creative energy he can muster when choosing to work on a project in an effort to help bring out the best in his clients. His main mission is to understand his clients’ goals and, in turn, assist them with churning out the best possible end product they can. His encouraging words, patient demeanor, and passionate work ethic make him an ideal collaborator for anyone looking to put all their heart and soul into making music."

    Rachel Levitin, Singer-Songwriter