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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There A Minimum Studio Session Length?
    Yes, 3 hours, unless otherwise agreed in advance. We've found that 3 hours is the right length for ensuring a productive session, where artists are warmed up and accomplishing their goals for the session, but haven't yet lost steam (or their voices!). Remember, if you choose to end a session before reaching the minimum, you will still be charged for the remainder of the time.
  • What If I'm Running Late? Can We Push Back Our Session?
    It's your responsibility to allow enough time to get to the studio. Sessions begin at your scheduled time, or the actual start time, whichever is earlier. Plan to arrive right on-time or a few minutes before your session.
  • How And When Will I Be Invoiced For Work Performed By Innovation Station Music?
    In most cases, you'll be given an invoice and pay at the end of each session. If you contact us to book a same-day session, you will need to pre-pay the agreed-upon minimum booking time. Additionally, we ask for prepayment of the first session. After that, we can enter into a contractual relationship and clients can simply pay a prorated invoice amount at the end of each session. In situations where work is being done on your project but you're not present, you'll receive an emailed invoice that must be paid within 10 days of the invoice date, or prior to receipt of the deliverable (e.g. finished mix), whichever comes first. For Strategic Plans, we ask for 50% upfront, and the rest when we meet for your strategy session.
  • What If I Have To Cancel Last Minute Or Miss My Session?
    We ask you to please let us know at least 36 hours in advance if you can’t make a session. If you don’t show up for your scheduled session or cancel less than 36 hours ahead of time, we will likely not be able to fill your slot and reserve the right to charge your account for the first 3 hours. If it's an emergency, we'll do our best to work with you.
  • How Do You Keep Track Of The Time Spent In The Studio?
    We use a timer that connects directly to our invoicing system, so your time is always accurately prorated down to the minute (after the minimum is reached). We strive to be as efficient with our time as possible, so you get the most value out of each session!
  • What Kind Of Payment Do You Accept? What Happens If I Can't Pay On Time?
    We accept cash or check - in the event you need to pay with a credit card, you can use PayPal, which incurs a small transcation fee. Innovation Station Music has a no refund policy. Failure to pay according to the agreed-upon payment terms will result in a late fee representing 1.5% of the outstanding balance each month payment is overdue. We also reserve the right to cease all sessions until you are paid up. Returned check fees will be charged back to your account.
  • Can I Get A Rough Mix Of My Song(S) After Each Session?
    If you need rough copies of your recordings during the production process in order to rehearse parts or validate something in the mix, that’s no problem, as long as your account is current. We just ask that you do not send the unfinished tracks to anyone, except members of your band or management team. We also ask that you do not post any unfinished tracks online. That said, we advise against distributing works-in-progress, as many artists can be unfairly critical of an untreated mix or performance, or may develop "temp love", wherein an artist becomes too attached to an unfinished product.
  • Who Owns The Rights To The Music I Record At Innovation Station Music?
    Normally, a Producer will make helpful suggestions on how to tighten up and enhance your songs. A few words here and there is to be expected. However, if we start substantially reworking your songs (adding a bridge, for example), we'll discuss a co-writing arrangement before moving forward with the recording process. This will usually involve an appropriate split of the copyright in the song, consistent with standard industry practice. Unless stated otherwise, you will retain all rights to the finished master recordings.
  • Can I Get Copies Of All The Individual Raw Files From Our Recording Sessions?
    We keep copies of the raw files for a minimum of 1 year. If you need an export of all your raw files, the time required to render, organize, and transfer the data will be billed at your normal Mixing rate.
  • I Need My Mixes Done In A Hurry. Is There A Way I Can Expedite Them?
    Yes, you can. Normally, mixing work is completed on a FIFO (First in, First out) basis. However, if you need to "jump the line" to meet a pressing deadline, we can expedite the delivery of your mixes for a nominal fee of $150.
  • What are the safety protocols regarding Covid-19?
    To ensure safety for all in the studio, masks are required to be worn by unvaccinated clients, except when singing or playing a wind instrument. Innovation Station Music reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who cannot provide proof of vaccination.
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