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VIRTUAL PRODUCTION brings our studio to YOU, no matter where you are.  From song creation to producing to mastering, we can work with you remotely to bring your dream to life!  


Ahh, the beauty of the internet. The ease of sending large files back and forth enables us to collaborate with anyone in the world. We use tools like Audiomovers ListenTo to stream low-latency, lossless audio right tor your computer. We're really good at understanding your needs, and will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure we're delivering the sound you're looking for.

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Some examples of Virtual Production include:


  • Working with you remotely to discuss ways of tightening up your songs

  • Adding instrumental parts (i.e., a virtual session player) to your song

  • Hiring one of our talented session singers to lay down vocals on your demo

  • Mixing and/or Mastering tracks recorded at home or in another studio

  • Composing and Producing an indie film score

  • Recording interviews for overseas radio segments

  • Producing voice-overs for ad agencies

  • Creating Strategic Plans and delivering music business strategy


As you see, we can pretty much do everything from a distance!  Learn more about the services we provide here.

Now, let's take an example and break it down even further.


You're a singer-songwriter, and you want a fully produced track to lay vocals over.  Here's how the process might work for you:


  • You can send us your lyrics, and we'll make suggestions on how to improve them (if needed). 

  • After you've approved the changes, we'd create a "scratch track" with basic piano or guitar and a melody line, based on your input you provide such as: intended genre, musical influences, instrumentation, and desired level of production (complexity).

  • You'll then have an opportunity to approve the scratch track before we produce the final track.  We'll check in with you along way, to make sure you're on board with the production choices.

  • Once we've finished, we'll send you the track to sing over at home or at a studio in your area.

  • Finally, you send the vocal tracks to us and we'll mix and master the song.  DONE!


Contact us today to discuss your project needs!

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