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the dc area's best recording studio

Innovation Station Music is a professional recording studio located just outside Washington, DC, featuring the best of both analog and modern digital tools.

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At Innovation Station Music, you can expect nothing but the finest, cutting-edge recording technology and Producers and Engineers who truly care about making every part of your recording experience absolutely incredible.

While our greatest passion is music, Innovation Station Music is also the first choice of many voice-over artists, companies and non-profits, and others looking for a high-quality, professional sound.

Producer/Engineer Dave Mallen is known for his unique ability to bring out the best in each artist using a collaborative and ideas-driven approach to production. Starting with the first session, Dave will work with you to establish project and long-term career goals, tighten up your songs, develop a creative vision, prepare all arrangements, and record each element of your production with care and precision.


If you prefer a more intimate space or don't need a Producer, you can work with one of our other talented Engineers in Studio B at a lower price point. All of our Engineers are also skilled musicians, so you'll have a trained set of ears guiding you through the recording process. It's a great space for solo artists or in-the-box producers. Notably, clients working in Studio B can take advantage of the same boutique mic locker, high-end recording tools, and fine instruments as in Studio A.


We believe music should make you FEEL something. During the mixing process, we meticulously sculpt, automate, and process your recorded audio to ensure your tracks are dynamic, full, cohesive, and full of character and life. Sure, we use the best industry standard outboard gear and plugins, but at the end of the day, it's about making sure your recordings have the emotion required to connect with listeners.


We apply the same principles to non-musical recordings. We make sure you're presenting your material in the best light. If you've got tracks you've recorded at home or from another studio, we're cool with mixing those too.


As a one-stop-shop recording studio, you'll be able to take your album from concept to finished master - all in-house. We employ a fantastic array of mastering tools and monitoring systems to ensure your masters maximize loudness without sacrificing dynamics and are competitive with other commercial tracks. We are also happy to master tracks you've mixed elsewhere, running them through our analog and tube gear and listening through our massive industry-leading ATC 150 monitors.

We check your masters on a variety of systems before handing them over to you, to make sure they translate to the real world. Special tools are employed to ensure your masters are optimized for the intended medium - included all major streaming services.


Are you a singer-songwriter in need of an "instant band"? A filmmaker in need of a score? An ad agency looking for a catchy jingle? We can provide you with tasteful, appropriate arrangements and performances to create the sound you're looking for.

Custom Music Creation applies to our in-house musicians - if you need a part we can't provide, we've got a list of professional heavy-hitters who can get the job done for you, and we'll even take care of booking them and getting you the best rates.

VIRTUAL PRODUCTION brings our studio to YOU, no matter where you are.  From song creation to producing to mastering, we can work with you remotely to bring your dream to life!  

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