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Are you an aspiring audio engineer? Need help setting up your studio? We offer personalized training for aspiring music producers and engineers, as well as configuration and troubleshooting for your studio.

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Dave Mallen Producing in Control Room A


We'll create a training plan that takes into account your specific skills, background, and goals, and give you hands-on training - at our studio or yours.

Our one-on-one training will allow you to learn exactly what you need and want to know, whether you're a complete novice, a musician with an interest in production, or an engineer seeking to build on prior experience with new, advanced techniques.

Below are some of the topics we cover with our Production Training clients:

  • Configuration of your Digital Audio Workstation (ex: setting up templates for quick operation, RAM/buffer settings, hard drive optimization)

  • Signal Flow, Routing, Types of Connections, and Monitoring (ex: balanced cabling, electrical grounding, room tuning/acoustics, creating headphone mixes and minimizing bleed)

  • Properties of Sound and Digital Audio Fundamentals (ex: phase relationships, Nyquist theorem, bit/sample rate conversion, dithering)


  • Microphones and Preamps (ex: mic types/uses, polar patterns, preamp behavior/color)


  • Proper Gain Staging and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (ex: using all the bits without overs)


  • Best Practices for using Compressors / Dynamic Range (ex: compression types, de-essing sidechaining, dynamic EQ using multiband compressors)


  • Best Practices for using Equalizers / Frequency (ex: frequency ranges of common instruments, Fletcher-Munson curves, types of filters)


  • Audio Editing (ex: phase-locked drum editing/flex/elastic audio, work quickly with key commands, how to identify pops and clicks and eliminate them in a waveform)


  • Mic Placement and Stereo Miking Techniques (ex: proper distance for each instrument, Blumlein, M-S, spaced pair)


  • MIDI Fundamentals (CC#s, controllers, editing velocity, quantization and other parameters)


  • Mixing Fundamentals: Compression, EQ, and Effects (ex: achieving sonic dimension and vibrancy in your mixes)


  • Mastering Audio (ex: maximizing loudness while preserving transients and dynamic range, using reference tracks, checking on multiple systems)


  • Music Theory and Arranging (ex: the relationship between arrangement and a good mix)

Dave Mallen During Construction - Wes Lachot Designer


Need help configuring your home studio? The doctor is in! We'll come to your place and make sure all of your gear is connected properly and working the way it should. We can also help you with acoustic room treatment and show you how to get the most out of your equipment.

And if you're already up and running but are running into hardware or software issues, give us a shout. We can probably save you hours of spinning your wheels trying to troubleshoot the problem!

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