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We started the "Pay It Forward Grant" program in 2021 after our studio was burglarized. We wanted to do something positive and generous to "flip the script" on a traumatic personal loss, so we started offering free studio time to area artists experiencing hardship of some kind, with preference given to songs or projects that positively impact our local or global community and/or lift up or inspire others in a meaningful way. The community impact and creative output of past "Pay It Forward" projects has been so amazing, we decided to continue the program on an annual basis!

We're excited to announce the winnner of the 3rd annual “Pay it Forward Grant”, Lauren "Slinny" Silinsky! Lauren is a Baltimore-based band leader, drummer, and vocalist who truly embodies the spirit of using music to overcome adversity.

Having found that playing music helped minimize the effects of her own health issues, she began engaging other musical artists with physical challenges (including invisible illnesses/disabilities), as well as veterans and active duty military who use music as a tool for mental health balance.
Lauren says: "I absolutely love how you have turned a negative experience into an opportunity to give back, as I have done the same with my medical challenges and music!"

I'm very excited to work with Lauren on an upcoming studio project that will surely demonstrate the healing power of music!

Please note WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for the 2024 Pay It Forward Grant. Stay tuned for next year's grant opportunity!

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